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The Environment and Us

A space for knowledge sharing on contemporary environmental issues

Latest from the Blog

What is the Anthropocene and Why is it Important?

Many scientists agree that humans are overpowering the effects of nature. As the bank of evidence illustrating humanity as a geological force, the concept of the Athropocene is becoming increasingly important to acknowledge and understand. What is the Anthropocene? The concept of the Anthropocene is becoming increasingly popular in scientific literature and the everyday language…

Why ESG is here to stay: Moving towards sustainable and ethical business

Environmental and social governance (ESG) is a set of criteria used in the evaluation of how a company functions, concerning both its people and planet. Incorporating ESG factors in company strategy and objectives is becoming commonplace, particularly with the increasing threat of the climate crisis prompting socially and environmentally conscious behaviour by all.  To break…

Penguins, Environmental Change and Antartica

There are 18 species of penguin on the planet, 8 of these reside in Antarctica and the nearby islands. Only the Emperor and Adélie live exclusively on the continent. This post will talk about the Emperor and the Adélie, also the vulnerabilities they face. The Emperor The emperor penguin is the heaviest and tallest of…

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