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Why ESG is here to stay: Moving towards sustainable and ethical business

Environmental and social governance (ESG) is a set of criteria used in the evaluation of how a company functions, concerning both its people and planet. Incorporating ESG factors in company strategy and objectives is becoming commonplace, particularly with the increasing threat of the climate crisis prompting socially and environmentally conscious behaviour by all.  To breakContinue reading “Why ESG is here to stay: Moving towards sustainable and ethical business”

Sustainability in the Food Industry and Cultured Meats

Now, more than ever, progress in sustainability has taken centre stage throughout the food industry. The momentum for change is growing. Here is how the food industry is working towards greener practices through the creation of cultured, or lab-grown, meats. The Food Industry: Food is responsible for 26% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Figure 1Continue reading “Sustainability in the Food Industry and Cultured Meats”

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